Monday, April 27, 2009

Porch Makeover Part I

So word got out that I have an eye for decorating on the cheap and my next-door-neighbors (who also happen to my friend Kate’s parents) asked me help with a budget-friendly front porch makeover. Decorating + bargain hunting... helloo? My two favorite things!

Let me start from the beginning. While walking my dogs one brisk fall day, I ran into my neighbor and we got to talking about the aforementioned porch. I offered to help and on the spot she handed over $50, saying that if I needed more to let her know. Fifty dollars? And this porch is BIG. But I was over joyed with the challenge.

Since it was the end of flea market/ garage sale season, and since it was then too cold to paint outside, this task was delayed until warmer weather (but I still kept an eye out).

Here are the before pictures…

I plan to have this done Mother’s Day weekend since their whole family will be upstate at Kate’s graduation (wahoo congrats!). I always love a big reveal.

So far, I have a good amount of furniture/ accessories for the place, and am really just left with the final touches. Stay tuned for progress reports!

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