Sunday, July 26, 2009

Porch Makeover

Ok. It's been awhile. I know. My hiatus began right after I had corrective eye surgery which left me unable to read/ look at a computer for much longer than I expected. As for the weeks (months) after that, well, that's my own fault. But I'm ready to go now! And I have some great projects and before/afters to show you.
So as I mentioned a while back, I took on the project of revamping my neighbors porch. Ten cans of black spray paint later... I'm finished! (ok I could've kept going but budget, people, budget...)

Let's take a look at the "before" again..
No more white plastic furniture on this bad boy...

I think fern plants are the best bang for your buck. At just $10 each, they add a ton of energy and texture. And since they are so full, they filled out this table base turned plant stand perfectly!

Please excuse that I am a terrible photographer, these pictures do not do it justice :)


metal bench: $4
wicker planter: $15
rocking chair: $15
wicker chair: FREE (rediscovered)
corner shelf: FREE (rediscovered)
side table: FREE (curbside find)
wrought iron planter: FREE (curbside find- actually the base of a table... rediscovered!)
accessories: $40
plants: $40
paint: $10
total: $124

Snags: Since the porch is so narrow, I had a lot of trouble breaking away from such a linear design (ie, everything pushed up against the same wall). Any ideas on how to add some dimension?

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